3/7/18 Rehearsal CANCELLED

3/7/18 Rehearsal CANCELLED

I’m sure you’ve all heard the weather reports.  Even tho this is a lovely Tuesday, we’re supposed to get BURIED with snow on Wednesday.

Lots of business and schools are already announcing closings.

Lots of people still don’t have power back from Friday’s storm.  A little bear told me that North Warren H.S. is open from 4-9:00 p.m. for hot showers, meals, and phone recharging.  I’m sure there are other facilities open as well.  Check with your local town.  Take advantage if you need it.

So, all that said… This Wednesday’s rehearsal is CANCELLED.

Next week, March 14, 2018 is STRING SECTIONAL ONLY.

Our next FULL REHEARSAL is on March 21st.  See you all then!