Miscellaneous Updates, Feb. 2022

Miscellaneous Updates, Feb. 2022

We’re making a few adjustments to the repertoire. There may be more in the works, but for the moment it looks like we’re dropping Night on Bald Mountain in favor of Marche Slav.

Check the Repertoire page for the latest list.

There will be a String Sectional on Feb. 23rd. Strings ONLY. Please be ready for a 7:30 start. Everyone else can take the evening off and practice at home.

Ed has requested that Strings continue to come for 7:00 on Wednesdays to work on the bassoon concerto until further notice.  Everyone else, please arrive (quietly) for a 7:30 full orchestra start.

We have decided to move our concert to June 11th 2022. The original date of 6/4 had conflicts for quite a few of our musicians. The 11th seems to be more available overall. If the new date of 6/11 is a problem for you, please let me know.